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Always A Smile At Guy Simmonds!

Realise Your Dreams, One Of Our many Success Stories

“We signed up for the course and arrived in Melbourne for our first item on the agenda - Cellar Management. The rest, they say, is history. We spent 4 days under the tutorship of David Taylor where we learned the skills required for running a successful, profitable and professional business whilst also being coached in licensing law and finally sitting examinations which enabled us to obtain the necessary licences. The course was absolutely loaded with money saving and money-making advice and delivered with that special mix of professionalism and humour. We were disappointed it all had to come to an end, as it had been so very thorough in conveying what lay ahead as we ventured on towards the acquisition of our first licensed business.

Not via Guy Simmonds as it happened (as it was for sale privately), a little later we found a quintessential 'olde worlde' pub that met nearly all our perceived requirements. It was selling 50% food, all basic grill and microwave stuff, so it offered the opportunity for improvement. It also had established a real ale trade, but above all, it had just the right 'feel' for us.

In May 2004 we moved in - new home, new business, and a whole new lifestyle. We set about lifting the turnover by improving the eating experience and building a wider customer base. In essence our formula for success was firstly, to put some more exotic dishes on the menu - just to see what would happen. Then we properly costed and priced all dishes to maximise profits, and we reorganised the kitchen to make it more efficient. We aimed for 90% fresh food - requiring a chef who joined us in June 2004. We were then able to expand blackboard 'specials' to an A4 size and then A3 size menu with a separate Oriental menu. Next, we attacked the wine list, so OUT went the single offering of white, red and rosé of indeterminate origin and IN came a competitively priced wine list with an offer for customers to taste and comment upon 'trial' bottles. A very popular touch was our offer of complimentary newspapers and the introduction of a continental style coffee machine at the bar.

The results? OK there were a few moaners - those of the late night variety who think a pint of beer bought at 11pm can be consumed up to or beyond midnight - but this was one thing the Guy Simmonds course had warned us about. Be polite but firm from day one - this is your home and business - they are guests - you make the decisions. Our turnover increased, the sales mix stayed at 50:50 even though we had lost a handful of 'regular' late night drinkers. Despite this our beer sales increased too, so were we really bothered? No, the business we had taken over had been a slave to a few locals as the former landlord did not have the same confidence in what he was doing, despite spending most of his working life as a licensee.

Although we had been retailers, used to combining number-crunching with good personal service, we had no direct experience in the licensed trade. However, we had another weapon - the training we had received at Guy Simmonds - all the tips, the facts and the confidence it had instilled in us since our first tentative steps into that beer cellar in Melbourne. We had been empowered to manage our new business!

In 2 short years we had created an extremely successful pub, with the menu featured on BBC radio and written about in magazines and newspapers, resulting in tables being booked-up weeks in advance. But, as one partner had health problems we reluctantly decided to sell the business due to the demanding lifestyle. Oh! if only we had done all this 10 years sooner.

In looking for a sales agent, we remembered how helpful Guy Simmonds had been during our acquisition phase so we thought “let's see how they do at selling our business”. The answer was very well indeed - with a queue of buyers from pub companies to independents, and our choice at the end of the day was to keep the inn's tradition of independence by selling to a charming locally based family team.

Thanks to Guy Simmonds, for us it has been a remarkably successful and fun adventure from start to finish.”

(Extract from one of many client testimonials received by Guy Simmonds).


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- Philip Clutton & David Hoyle attended the Guy Simmonds' Cellar Management course and “Inn Business” course in November 2003

- They purchased The Old Yew Tree Inn, South Wingfield, Derbyshire in May 2004 for £395,000 freehold

- Annual turnover was then £200,000 (excl VAT)

- In 2 years they increased the turnover of the business to in excess of £300,000 (excl VAT)

- Guy Simmonds were instructed to sell the business in May 2006 at an asking price of £575,000 -

A sale at the full asking price was agreed in July 2006 and completed in September 2006

- The purchasers of the business: Martin, Sarah & Philip Barnaville are currently taking the business from strength to strength. This is the second of their 2 pubs (and before acquiring their first pub they also all attended our “Inn Business” course in January 2000!)

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Pubs For Sale, Buying A Pub, Selling A Pub, Leasehold Pubs, Freehold Pubs For Sale, Pub Training, Pub Auctions, Redundancy Retraining, Personal Licence, Licensed Trade Training, APLH, NCPLH

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