Guy Simmonds has been established for over 35 years and has become firmly established as a leading national commercial sales agent with an enviable reputation for professionalism and sales success.

Our roots lie in the sale of licensed businesses and, in the absence of any formal training for independent operators of licensed premises, in the 1980s Guy Simmonds established a portfolio of training courses designed to equip prospective purchasers of licensed businesses with all the business and operational skills necessary for success.

We recruited specialist expert tutors with a vast amount of practical experience within the licensed trade. We invested heavily in a purpose-built training centre incorporating state-of-the-art training facilities including an operational bar and cellar. Our courses were accredited by the British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body (BIIAB) and we have delivered a range of nationally recognised trade qualifications - most notably in respect of the mandatory qualification necessary to gain a Personal Licence in order to retail alcohol. In 1991 the Guy Simmonds "Inn Business" course was winner of the National Innkeeping Training Awards - a prestigious recognition of the professionalism and relevance of our training products.

We have trained literally thousands of clients in all aspects of pub ownership and operation, and a natural by-product of such training is that many clients we first meet on our training courses go on to acquire a licensed business using Guy Simmonds to help them source and acquire a suitable and profitable business.

More recently, we have focussed instead in offering our training expertise to major employers undertaking downsizing of their workforce. Owning a business within the licensed trade or other retail trades is a very popular alternative career option for those facing redundancy, and we are able to ensure intending business purchasers are appropriately equipped with the skill set necessary for their intended vocation.

The relevance to our vendor clients

Our training activity has provided a rich resource of prospective business purchasers eager to acquire a business to match their business and life aspirations.

Our training clients recognise our brand, knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Consequently, they are highly motivated to use our services in relation to their search for a suitable business opportunity. Whilst we continue to major on licensed trade opportunities, we have expanded our property portfolio to offer a wide variety of business ownership opportunities. Once a match is established between business opportunity and applicant, a rapid sale is often the result.