Retiring business freeholders & 'buy to lease' investors: Selling your business as a long-term new lease

Retiring business freeholders and property 'buy to lease' investors: How to sell your business as a long-term new lease, whilst still keeping your freehold premises for appreciating investment and long-term income, through Guy Simmonds.

Retiring? A new 'Lease of Life' beckons, through Guy Simmonds, advising business owners and selling businesses nationally.

One of the main specialities of Guy Simmonds, is advising freeholder business clients upon creating a new 10/15 year, free-of-tie lease, to a suitable lessee - who we find. This enables our retiring freeholder client to sell their business and goodwill, whilst retaining their valuable freehold premises for future appreciating investment and more particularly an attractive quarterly rental income.

Retiring business freeholders & ‘buy to lease’ investors: Selling your business as a long-term new lease

Consequently, this produces and rewards the retiring freeholder for their hard-working endeavours - with an 'up front' lump sum (premium) upon the sale of the business, plus the viable on-going rental income (linked to inflation) to help fund their retirement.

We do of course also discuss and value the possible outright sale of the freehold entirety, to enable the freehold business owner to consider all options for their current or future exit strategy. When instructed, we then market (on a no sale, no commission basis) the new desirable free-of-tie lease opportunity or/and freehold sale, as per our highly successful Guy Simmonds marketing strategy, in order to secure a suitable lessee or freeholder, for the approval of our vendor client.

Depending upon their present or future circumstances, some vendor clients sometimes request that we offer the freehold for sale at a later date (often to the lessee) as an investment sale, whilst most others prefer to retain the freehold and keep the rental income for their long-term pension.

These new leases which are of course correctly/professionally valued and marketed by Guy Simmonds, are extremely sought after by our discerning purchasing clients on a national basis.

We advise upon a rent which is viable and sustainable relating to our freeholder client's current business accounts, with the aim of securing a lessee who will be successful. As far as is possible, this helps to ensure the longevity of the lease and sustainable rental payable/income, to the obvious mutual benefit of both the freehold landlord owner and the operating lessee.

Most of our savvy freehold and business owner clients prefer to proceed on this basis and receive an attractive sustainable income whilst retaining their valuable freehold property asset, rather than other options touted by the financial press and fund managers... e.g. exposing their capital sums on the volatile and risky stock markets, leaving capital in a deposit account paying derisory interest, or other financial schemes.

We have been successfully advising upon, and marketing these speciality leases for over 30 years, initially after I personally created my own (and first) free of tie lease, which is still producing an attractive rental income for me (and future pension). Consequently, we are able to advise freeholder clients from unique and successful first-hand experience, upon all aspects of this attractive and long-term, income opportunity.

Please contact us to arrange for a free consultation, both valuations and discuss your current or future business exit options, with no obligation - over a coffee.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

Stephen Taylor, Managing Director of Guy Simmonds.

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