Brexit Impact and Uncertainty on Business Sales 2019

Business Sales and state of the market for 2018 and New Year 2019 at leading business transfers agents Guy Simmonds. Market resume, conclusions and future market analysis. Impact of Brexit on general business sales, pub sales, hotel sales, restaurant sales, coffee shops, licensed businesses, commercial businesses, catering businesses etc. Selling or buying a business? Refer to Guy Simmonds.

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We are all continuing to ride the political/economic rollercoaster and Brexit debacle in 2019, whereby clearly "the only thing that's certain is uncertainty". We are of course aware that uncertainty creates volatility in stock markets and can cause stagnation in the residential housing market. Many economists state current levels of both of these are at a false high, unsustainable and may well 'crash' or suffer a circa 30% severe correction, in view of impact of sustained Brexit Chaos, uncertainty and general perceived apathy.


Lincolnshire Freehold Pub Sold by Guy Simmonds

But how is the licensed business and commercial sales market coping with the above uncertainty, volatility and geopolitical climate? At Guy Simmonds we are pleased to report that 2018 proved to be buoyant and resilient to these threats. Correct valuations of businesses should correlate to turnover and reconstituted profits achieved, relating to current market conditions. Consequently, providing vendors are receptive to realistic offers, we are pleased to announce completions are taking place as normal. Indeed, we have recently sold an excellent number of businesses NATIONALLY, ranging from tied leases from £19,950, up to multiple freehold sales above £1 million. Looking ahead we have an excellent pipeline of sales moving into the Spring and Summer of 2019. Viewings from prospective purchasers, are also currently at a record high, and we have a shortage of quality businesses in some areas. Our speciality free-of-tie leases (both the creation and assignment thereof) continue to be in huge demand.


Norfolk Inn Sold by Guy Simmonds

Due to recent sales and our extensive innovative marketing methods, we are urgently seeking further leaseholds and freehold businesses to sell, throughout England and Wales. If you are thinking of selling or leasing your business anywhere in the country, telephone us on 01332 865112 for a free confidential valuation. Or email In conclusion, thankfully the threats from Brexit and the geopolitical climate, have thus far not impacted detrimentally upon our sales activities within the licensed trade, and sales remain strong. It may well be and later proven, that for a shrewd vendor, now could be the optimum time to sell a business, since none of us can see into the future. Similarly, shrewd purchasers may decide that this prolonged period of uncertainty is actually the optimum time to secure their desired freehold or leasehold business which is correctly valued relating to the present economic climate and verified net profits/turnover produced by individual businesses.


Bedfordshire Pub and Restaurant Sold by Guy Simmonds to Great British Bake Off Winner Candice Brown

In conclusion, at Guy Simmonds we are pleased to report that the UK business sales market in 2019 is continuing to prove resilient and successful for us, despite ‘Brexit uncertainty’. We have of course seen many economic and business sale scenarios in our successful and long 35 year experience in selling UK businesses, the economic and geopolitical climate is of course cyclical, but our job and success is of course to take this into account, and continue to innovate and use our expertise in achieving maximum marketing exposure, whilst also offering our personal and professional service/advice to both our vendor/selling clients and valued purchasers. Please click here to see how to get a Free Valuation on your Business