Attention Freehold and Leasehold vendors. Selling in The New Year 2020? - forward plan your sale with Guy Simmonds

We are inviting and taking instructions nationally from vendors in November and December, who wish to sell in The New Year 2020. Guy Simmonds have adhered to this successful strategy for the past 35 years.

These shrewd vendor clients, decide to forward plan, by requesting us to provide our free valuation of their leasehold or freehold business, prepare the necessary sales particulars for them to verify, ready for us to launch their business on the open market early in 2020. This enables, our vendor client to concentrate on what is hopefully the very busy festive trading period, without prospective purchasers looking around. (Also of course this year we have the added unwelcome distraction of a pre-Christmas General Election). These particular vendors prefer the usually quieter January-March trading period for us to open-market their business and to hopefully procure interest to achieve our mutually aim of securing a desired sale.

Sold by Guy Simmonds

Guy Simmonds offer a variety of marketing options, and our selling strategy has proved highly successful for around the past 35 years. Assuming full open marketing is required, then we uniquely also link our main Guy Simmonds website to over 50 associated and generic sites/domains, to maximise the best possible worldwide response.

Notwithstanding, our innovative company web marketing strategy, we also pride ourselves in offering a high degree of personal service, both from Head Office and our experienced National Sales Directors. The Sales Director who provides the initial valuation then stays in contact with each vendor client to negotiate the sale hopefully through to completion. Freeholds and our speciality Guy Simmonds private free-of-tie leases continue to be especially sought after by our purchasers. These are relatively unaffected by the incessant Brexit debacle and forthcoming General Election. We advise upon the creation of these highly desirable private free-of tie leases and then find a suitable lessee for retiring freehold publicans and investors, who desire a sustainable long-term annual income, for retirement/investment. We obtain a sensible premium/sale price for the lease, plus a sustainable on-going rent (both related to profits) to the mutual benefit of freehold owner and lessee. Tied/Pubco leases are also still being sold/assigned by Guy Simmonds, with the obvious proviso that rents should be realistic and the business profitable.

Cup of Coffee

If you wish to sell or lease now or anytime next year in 2020, we invite you to contact us to arrange for a free no-obligation appointment to value your business and discuss your exit strategy in confidence.

Tel 01332 865112.

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